Dash Cam 70mai Smart Pro DVR 1944p In-Car Cam

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70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro

Car Charger

2 x Electrostatic Sticker

Long USB Cable

Pry Bar

English User Manual

(GPS Module not included)

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70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro

1. Super High Resolution Dash Cam of 1944P, 2.5 times of 1080P

2. Sensitive SONY IMX335 sensor and powerful Hi3556 V100 make an extraordinary camera for your recording.

3. Lane Departure Warning is a real-time alert that warns you when veering off the lane or before hitting another vehicle ahead. Also, Forward Collision Warning helps you keep a safe distance from the front vehicle. Hence, this prevents rear-end crashes and reduce relevant injuries, especially during traffic jam.

4. Also has English voice control and 24-hour parking surveillance

5. APP Supports both I0S & Android systems, allowing you to view and download HD video through Wi-Fi in real time. Also, lock emergency video to “Event File” to prevent an overwrite.

6. Fulfillments begin 4th Week November 2020.

Additional Functions with GPS Module (to be purchased separately):

1.ADAS, designed to boost driving safety, provides lane departure and forward collision warnings, rectify driving and assists drivers.

2.Also, LDWS(Lane Departure Warning System) Real-time voice alert keeps you away from distracted driving penalties, provide you turn-by-turn route suggestion right in your line-of-sight.

3.FCWS(Forward Collision Warning System) FCWS helps drivers to keep safe distance between vehicles, as well as to effectively prevent and reduce rear-end crashes and accompanying injuries, especially for long fatigue driving, traffic jam or novice.

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8 reviews for Dash Cam 70mai Smart Pro DVR 1944p In-Car Cam

  1. John

    I bought this 70mai pro with ADAS
    Best camera for me
    ADAS works amazing
    It tells you if u change the LANE.
    If there is another vehicle infront of u while u driving close 10metre.
    If u stop on traffic lights it will tell you when the vehicle infront of u moving.
    Can see the number plates very clear day or nite.
    Can connect with phone through phone hotspot and easy click the photos and download the latest videos up to Last minute withoit taking the memory card out from camera.
    Another thing collision level is very high even If u shut the door bit hard its gonna start emergency video.

    Screen can turned ON or OFF with voice, No need to touch the Camera.
    I recommed Samsung Pro Endurance 64GB Micro SD card for this camera.

  2. Gullsukh

    For approx 100 bucks this is a well built dashcam with 2K resolution, wifi connection and convenient app.
    Video quality is great during daylight, number plates are clearly seen from footage, vibrant colors thanks to the Wide Dynamic Range function. The video has decent frame rate allows smooth playback. Easy transfer file from the dashcam to your phone using the app. My iphone using IOS 13.4 doesn’t encounter the wifi connection issue as reported by other users who used IOS 13.3. Last but not least, it has both H.264 and H.265 encodings, the latter enhance the video quality whilst reducing the file size significantly, meaning you will capture more videos!

    For those who wants GPS location and speed information, I think the ADAS module (sold separately) is not worth it at the moment as you can see these info only from the camera itself and not from the footage downloaded to your computer. Other features of the ADAS module e.g lane departure warning, proximity warning are just gimmicks IMO.

    All in all, another quality product from Xiaomi. Highly recommended!!!

  3. kutozat

    Everything is great! Really good quality and picture(video recording)for this price! Have no issues at all. Would recommend to buy this with gps module. Because I bought it without, now looking to buy one separate.

  4. vlad

    Easy to set up . Mobile app to review and save/export footage is also fairly straight forward. Images are good.

  5. David Blue

    Easy to use and install. The function is good and enough for me. The camera is good with clear vision.

  6. pax

    Really good product with very good money value. This is my second purchase for my brother. Highly recommended this product.

  7. Shashi

    This camera does everything plus more, the best I’ve ever seen

  8. Chevy

    Item is great quality and seems to work well, even go an amateur like me. 😊

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