Kingsmith Walkingpad R1 Pro Foldable Treadmill For Home Office

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Kingsmith WalkingPad R1 Pro Features

Kingsmith WalkingPad R1 Pro of Xiaomi MI Ecosystem accommodates your daily exercising needs at the place you prefer. In addition, it is 90% space-saving than the traditional treadmill due to which it can easily fold with the help of double folding design and smooth-rolling wheels. Some of it’s salient features include:

  • You may control Kingsmith WalkingPad R1 Pro in three ways. For instance, either remote control or the KS Fit APP is used to control under the manual mode and during the auto mode, the user position controls the speed.
  • Secondly, the Aluminium alloy frame significantly enhances the durability and stability of Kingsmith WalkingPad R1 Pro. Not only this, the newly designed motor is more powerful, yet less noisy. Additionally, the EVA cushioning softens the impact on your knees and the anti-slip running belt provides a better grip.
  • Thirdly, the Walkngpad has a dedicated slot for phone and tablet on the handle for entertainment & connectivity. In addition, it has the new safety clip on it’s front handle to keep you safe while you exercise. This handle provides additional balance while the safety clip acts as an emergency stop button.
  • Last but not the least, the LED panel sitting on the front of the Kingsmith WalkingPad R1 Pro helps you monitor your speed, distance and workout time. And the attached smooth-rolling wheels allows for easy transport of the unit.
Man walking on treadmill while working on desktop
Use at Work
a lady running on walkingpad r1 pro in her house with furniture in the background
Or at Home
a lady dragging a treadmill out of storage space
Can be stowed vertically or horizontally
exploded view drawing of walkingpad r1 pro showing various internal components
Rugged Design & Sturdy Frame

Kingsmith WalkingPad R1 Pro Product Details

  • 180-degree folding, greatly reduces the occupied space and the floor space.
  • Upright storage, only 15 cm thick, covers an area of ​​less than 0.2 square meters. Also, it has a moving roller at the bottom of the treadmill, which enables placing it in a small corner of the home to save space.
  • The motor cabin is fully integrated with the track and field track and is sportier.
  • The high-brightness translucent panel combines the LED light panel with the panel and the high-contrast visual effect makes the motion data clearer.
  • The R1 treadmill has two unique designs, the regular form can be a treadmill, and the armrests can be stored down to become a more space-saving walker.
  • Brushless motor to suppress noise.
  • The integrated Aluminium alloy material acts as the skeleton structure for greater durability and stability.
  • Wear-resistant non-slip running belt, EVA soft layer with cushioning effect, smooth layer with low friction coefficient, and durable high-density fibreboard.
  • Three ways, simple operation. The M constant speed mode can be controlled by remote control.
    And in the A automatic mode (only the walking mode is supported), the speed can be adjusted according to the position of the athlete. In addition, the KS Fit APP also controls the mode selection and function operation.
  • Fine remote control, comfortable to grasp.
  • Foot sense control speed, uniform speed, deceleration, acceleration three induction areas.
  • Multiple security protection, novice speed limit, child lock function, automatic standby, overload protection.
  • Refer to our blog here for detailed specification of this Kingsmith Walkingpad R1 Pro model.
a phone secured on the handle of a treadmill with television running in the background
Phone/ Tab Holder
size comparison of walkingpad R1 Pro against a conventional treadmill
Lower Footprint
A treadmill with it's unique LED panel on display
Unique LED Panel
Man running on a treadmill in his home with furniture in background
For Use at Home


  • Brand: Kingsmith (of Xiaomi MI Ecosystem)
  • Type: WalkingPad Treadmill R1 Pro
  • Colour: Silver
  • Rated Voltage: 220V
  • Rated Power: 918W
  • Sport Mode: Running Mode, Walking Mode
  • Sports Type: Remote Control, Foot Feeling Control & App Control
  • Minimum Speed: 0.5km/h
  • Speed Range: 0.5-10km/h
  • Maximum Bearing Weight: 110kg
  • Continuous Output Horsepower: 1.2hp
  • Peak Horsepower: 2hp
  • Net Weight: 33kg
  • Gross Weight: 38kg
  • Running Belt Width: 42-44cm
  • Running Belt Area: 120x44cm
  • Unfold Size: 1500x720x900mm
  • Folded Size: 980x720x155mm
  • Flat Size: 1460x720x135mm
3 types of Control for Walkingpad R1 Pro
Control in 3 Different Ways
Small Footprint
Collage showing various features of a foldable treadmill
Full of Benefits
Foldable Treadmill stowed at the side of a room with furniture around it
Enhances The View Of Any Room

Package content:

1 x WalkingPad Treadmill R1 Pro, 1 x Charing Cable (EU plug), 1 x Remote Control and 1 x Hanging Rope

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1 review for Kingsmith Walkingpad R1 Pro Foldable Treadmill For Home Office

  1. Nick

    Arrived shockingly quick. (I live in Melbourne too though to be fair). It arrived Tuesday and today is Sunday and it’s behaved great everyday. Came with lubricant, hex keys and a pretty good manual and a remote control (you’ll need 2 AA batteries). It looks great, super easy to start up. I’m 5ft 7inch (170cm) and have long legs (my inseam is 32inches if that helps)…my steps fit on it very well. My husband is 5ft 10inch (176cm) and his walking steps fit on it well as well. I can walk and jog on it perfectly. I tested out its top speed setting of 6…it’s a good running speed. The display is very clear. The remote is very reactive. It’s all very sturdy. I was weary ordering this but I now have zero complaints!

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