Exchange Policy

The Terms below relate to the exchange of one product sold by Ai Ecosystem for a different product or products from Ai Ecosystem, regardless whether the original product was purchased through Ai Ecosystem website, through email, or in person at our various outlets.

For Terms & Conditions relating to the returns & refunds, please review the Return Policy & the Refund Policy.

Ai Ecosystem accepts product exchange for another product either of higher, same or lower value, provided below conditions are met:

  1. The original returning product has to be absolutely unopened and unusued. Most products we sell are integral to their respective mobile apps that demonstrate the usage time/ distance and this is verified on all the returned products.
  2. The product is returned within 30 days of purchase and proof of purchase is produced at the time of exchange.
  3. Customer agrees to pay for the onward and return (if applicable) shipment charges of the originally sent product. Necessary proof of shipment charges can be provided to the customer upon request.
  4. Customer also agrees to pay for the difference amount if the selected replacement model was of a higher value as compared to the originally
    purchased product.

The original purchase not meeting customer expectations which customer realizes after product usage don’t qualify for product exchange and hence customers are advised to consult with us beforehand if appropriate product/ model selection assistance is needed.