Segway Ninebot P100SE Global Edition

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Segway Ninebot P100SE Global Edition

The P100SE is the company’s most adaptable electric scooter to date. It is a top-tier electric commuter scooter with a wide variety of features, reliable performance, and a fresh, contemporary design that is a first in the Segway series. This e-scooter is an immediate upgrade to its predecessor the P65 and G30P.

This new design is an important addition to the Segway lineup since it is the only e-scooter that can do a variety of tasks. On your commute, do you have to cross a gravel path? You may do so without experiencing an unpleasant ride because to the dual suspension and self-healing tyres. Do you want to have some fun and exert a little power? Its peak speed of 48 km enables you to achieve that. ascend a hill? Yes. carry above 100 kg? Yes. Travel to work? Yes. bike lanes with abandon? Yes. withstand a little moisture? Yes.

Look no further than the P100SE if you adore the idea of owning an e-scooter but want to ensure that your vehicle is capable of handling a variety of situations.

Segway Ninebot P100SE


Key Features :


Segway Ninebot P100SE, has the longest range of any Segway electric scooter to date of a 100KM range on a single charge. You won’t find many rides at this price that will travel this far or beyond, even outside of the Segway range.

App Connectivity for NFC

Your phone serves as the scooter’s key in a novel function for both Segways and electric scooters generally. Placing your phone on the handlebars activates the ride using Near-Field Communication, offering an additional degree of security.

Additionally, setting up the P100SE’s ride for maximum comfort is made possible by pairing it with the Segway app via bluetooth. You can also charge your device while riding using the USB-C charging connector that comes with the P100SE. If you want to use your phone for navigating, this is excellent.

Vehicle-Grade Tires

E-scooters are prone to punctures, but the P100SE has self-healing tubeless tires that are made to automotive standards to reduce the chance of punctures. Additionally, special tyre tread enhances stability and grip on slicker surfaces like greasy or wet roads.

System of three brakes

The P100SE has mechanical disc brakes on the front and back, as well as electronic braking. For greater efficiency, the latter redirects part of the energy lost while braking back into the battery. It offers some of the finest stopping power of the whole Segway line because to the combination of all three.

Fully Equipped Lighting

It also incorporates illumination from the Segway GT, including customizable ambient lighting, front and rear lights, indicators, and rear brake lights.

Segway Ninebot P100SE

Segway Ninebot P100SE Specification

Product – Length x Width x Heights (1190x684x1287mm)
Packaging – Length x Width x Height (1270x300x710 mm)
Weight – Net 31.8 Kg
Packaging Weight – 37Kg
Rideables device type – Electric scooters
Colour – Black
Max weight bearing (kg) – 120Kg
Recommended rider age – 18 years and over
Recommended rider height (cm) – 160–200 cm
Top speed (km/h) – 48km/h
Approx. range (km) – 60-100 km
On-road / Off-road – Off-road
Traversable terrain – Bicycle lanes, parks, campuses and most of the flat road conditions and typical Belgian roads
Max. incline (degrees) – 23%
Operating temperature range (C) – -10 to 40°C (14 to 104°F)
Storage temperature range (C) – -10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F)
IP rating – IPX5
Waterproof – Yes
Water Resistant – Yes
Tyre type – Self-sealing tubeless tyres
Tyre size (inches) – 10.5 inch
Braking method – Disc
Remote Control(s) – Segway-Ninebot app
Time to full charge – Approx. 7 h
Battery nominal voltage – 47.2V
Max. charging voltage – 54.6V
Nominal energy (Wh) – 1086Wh
Battery capacity (mAh) – 23Ah
Riding modes – WALK mode, ASSIST mode, ECO mode, SPORT mode and DRIVE mode
Motor nominal power (watts) – 650w
Charger output power (watts) – 160w
Charger input voltage – 100–240 V~50–60 Hz, 2.0 A MAX.
Charger output voltage – 54.6 V
Charger output current (amps) – 53.5 V 3 A
Manufacturer’s warranty – 1 Year
Segway Ninebot P100SE Global Edition
Segway Ninebot P100SE Global Edition

Make your Segway-Ninebot Kickscooter complete (Accessories)

There are several accessories for the Segway-Ninebot which make it safer and easier to use. For example, there are helmets available that can prevent possible injury in the event of a collision or fall. You also want to be able to leave your e-scooter somewhere safe. There are locks for this that ensure that your e-scooter is safe when you put it away. In addition to the safety accessories, there are also useful accessories that you can purchase for your e-scooter. For example, you have a phone holder for your e-scooter with which you can drive and navigate at the same time. And you also have storage bags for your e-scooter in which you can store your belongings while riding your e-scooter.

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Our customers speak high about their experience shopping with us. Refer to their google feedbacks here

We are an Australian Small Family Business, holding the values of Small Business Australia to the highest levels. Read more about us at here