Segway Ninebot Number Lock


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Segway Ninebot Number Lock

The Segway Ninebot Number Lock is a must-have accessory for every electric scooter owner. Some of it’s salient features include:

  • High Security: This 5-digit lock allows more than 10,000 possibilities combination, making it more secure than other 4-digit locks. It’s easy to set and reset your combination.
  • Strong Braided Steel: Strong inner core braided steel cable provides strength, flexibility, and resistance to cutting and sawing. PVC coating helps prevents the lock from scratching your bicycles, scooters, grills, golf carts, luggage, etc.
  • Self-Coiling Design: The self coiling design makes this lock easy to use for many different storage types. Equipped with a mounting bracket, the lock can be easily added to other objects.
  • Convenient to Use: The default code is 00000, facing up the keyhole, the numbers can be turned in 90 degree to set and reset. Installation and use instructions are in the package to help first use.
  • Multipurpose: 4′ (120cm) long x 1/2” (12mm) diameter with vinyl shell. Ideal for bikes, scooters, motorcycles, skateboards, gates & fences, sports equipment, and more.
segway ninebot number lock shown attached to the scooter
Securely Fixes Onto Bike Handle
segway ninebot number lock showing the braided steel wire
Higher Gauge Braided Steel

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