Introducing – The Power Packed Pro 2

MI Pro 2 Electric Scooter at a Glance

  • Maximum speed 15.5mphh
  • Maximum range: 28 Miles/ 45km*
  • Typical range: 20 Miles/ 32km**
  • Dual braking system – Automatic electronic regenerative brakes with E-ABS and rear disc brake
  • Skid resistant and shock absorbing 8.5-inch pneumatic tires
  • Sophisticated cruise control system
  • Upgraded LED display with speed, battery level, distance and driving mode
  • Three speed modes – Pedestrian, standard and sports
  • Brand new front, rear & side reflectors and a license plate holder for added safety
  • Front, rear and brake lights
  • Smart phone enabled – connect via Bluetooth to the MI Home App

*Actual range may vary depending on riding conditions **Potential range tested in average conditions

Award Winning

The award-winning MI M365 Pro e-scooter returns for 2020 with the new MI Pro 2 Electric Scooter and it’s better than ever!

Retaining the high-grade features that made it the world’s best-selling e-scooter, the updated Pro 2 offers an enhanced riding experience thanks to a new lighting safety system and improved skid resistant and shock-absorbing pneumatic tires.

Minimal Design

All of this is achieved thanks to a minimalist design which provides only the essentials required for performance and convenience, including a multi-functional dashboard, high-power lithium battery and new pneumatic tires, with the additional bonus of a 2-year warranty, so that your e-scooter is well protected.

The Pro 2 keeps is crafted out of aircraft-quality Aluminium for a light overall weight of just 14.2kg.


A fifth generation BMS Smart Battery System monitors your battery, sending updates to the MI Home App so you are aware if there are any problems.

Easily paired to your scooter via Bluetooth, the app is your smart driving assistant equipped with a remote locking system, key rider data and allows you to customize the cruise control settings.Functionality is also increased, with the Mi App offering a range of features.


Finished off with new generation 8.5 pneumatic tires, the Pro 2 is the perfect electric scooter. Highly puncture resistant and robust, the durability of the tires has been increased by up to 3 times.

A great advancement which means the Pro 2 is not restricted to smooth tarmac and can be used to explore gravel and dirt roads.

Max Range12.4 miles / 20km18.6 miles / 30km28 miles / 45km
Average Run Time40 minutes50 minutes1hr 15 minutes
Max Speed12.4 mph15.5 mph15.5 mph
Speed Modes3 – Pedestrian, Standard and Sport3 – Pedestrian, Standard and Sport3 – Pedestrian, Standard and Sport
DisplayBasic LED display with battery & ride modeUpgraded LED display with speed, battery, distance & ride modeLED display with speed, battery, distance & ride mode

E-scooter Activation

  • Before first use, the e-scooter needs to be activated on a smartphone via the MI Home App.
  • Please download the MI Home App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Follow the instructions in the app to activate the e-scooter.
  • E-scooters that have been altered or modified from the manufacturer’s original specifications.
  • Details can also be found in the user manual.

What’s in the Box

  • MI Pro 2 Electric Scooter x 1
  • Power adapter x 1
  • Innertube x 1
  • Tire x 1
  • T-shaped Allen key x 1
  • Extended nozzle adapter x 1
  • Screws x 5
  • User manual x 1
  • Specifications x 1

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